About Haylie

  You can call me Haylie or Queen, preferably Queen because I rule... hard. I'm really bad at writing things, especially about myself but for some reason a few people enjoy reading it without cringing so that's neat. If you're new the first thing you should probably learn about me is that sometimes I'll say things that you'll question if I'm serious or joking. My personality is about 100% humor and that's how I've learned to cope with all the shitty things life has thrown at me. 

  I was born on a military base and lived there for a few years until my family decided to move back with other family in a shitty town where there's nothing but churches and pharmacies on every road, I'm serious...

If you're wondering "Why is this bitch telling me all this?", it's so hopefully you'll get a better idea about why I am the way I am AND YOU'RE READING MY LIFE STORY!  Maybe I'll save the rest of the juicy info for a book.

Feel free not to read this and skip on over to the tittes. Long story short, almost the entire population including most of my family were heavily addicted to drugs and drawing checks from the government so I had a very poor quality of life growing up until the age 15. I choose to drop out, go to college, drop out, become a photographer and move away from my toxic family. Well a few eventually followed me and decided to settle in this new area to also get away from the craziness but brought some of it with them.

  As long as I can remember I've ALWAYS had some sort of camera on me. At age 14 I used money my family owed me to buy my first DSLR, at first I just played around taking noice pictures and then one day decided to get guud. At age 17 I used college money to upgrade, age 18 decided debt was worth going into to buy better computers, lenses, and upgrade more. It was a good & bad decision. I've been making videos on YouTube since it basically started however I deleted all channels and videos I had made in the past. Let's just say that I was making skits & an "emo" at the same time. I would insert a crying emoji right about now but literally can't. I've had about 5 channels and normally whenever it starts getting somewhere I'll decide that I hate the name or style and start over. However, QueenHayliexo now has +21,000 subs and is here to stay. 


Life Story

Offline Haylie

  People tend to sometimes wonder about what online personalities are like in real life. In my opinion I 'm the same personality offline too, just hella anxious. 

One day I hope to share more insight on my personality and interests with you guys so I don't have to describe myself because it feels weird and cringy, I'll give it a try though. I love making people laugh, I don't really try but I'm just naturally a goofy person it makes me happy anytime something I've said or done has any sort of impact on anyone's mood. 

  I spend most of my days offline tending to multiple daily life responsibilities and playing too many games. Sadly I'll start a game, get super far, and not finish in a timely manner because of picking up another game or I'll binge a game until it's 100% completed a day or 2 later. I'm currently in between about 8 games right now though. 1-2 times a month I enjoy riding up to the city, going to hookah bars, and trying resturants I've never been to. 

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 I made a page dedicated to random facts about myself that will be updated frequently.