On this page you'll see all sites that I offer a wide variety of items and services on. 

Why Sell On So Many Sites?

There's a few really good reasons why I sell on multiple sites:

  1. Some customers ONLY use certain sites. Everyone has their own reasoning but some people may only trust certain sites from previous uses, some sites offer better payout to the model or even discounts to the members.​

  2. Selling on multiple sites can increase my visibility and probability of finding new customers. 

  3. Some sites have a better payout for me which can increase the % amount I make from each purchase. Example: If you pay $10 for a video and the payout is 50%, I'll only make $5.

  4. Some sites don't allow certain types of items or videos. 

Which Site Do You Prefer?

THIS SITE... unless I'm on cam.


I get 85% payout.

If you don't wanna buy here feel free to check out the other sites.